L'OEUF CLUB is based in Seoul, and design studio based in London, established in 2022. 

The L'OEUF CLUB is a women tennis activewear brand that merges on french urban street inspired style with minimalist contemporary.

Since 2019, two co-founders, who were majored in tennis education and worked for tennis footwear designer in major tennis sport brands.

They're been faced problems in tennis activewear products in the market. This is where L'OEUF CLUB begins.

L'OEUF means zero in french. In tennis match, we said love-fifteen means zero-fifteen (0-15) for saying the score. L'OEUF sounds similar to 'Love'.

L'OEUF CLUB was launched with one message: 'start from nothing (zero)' implies our life that always start from nothing and make better ourselves. Love ourselves.

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